Dr. Joanna Gore

Posted on by Simon Chamberlain

Birthing the Shaman’s Drum.

The Birthing of my Drum with Simon was a heartfelt and wonderful experience. My drum skin was from a horse that had reached the end of her physical life. Horse has been an important power animal of mine from a young child when my sister and I used to ride our ‘imaginary’ horses in the fields behind our house. My skin leapt with spirit when it arrived, it was thick and tough to work with, which made complete sense to me and we needed to battle a little before we settled into each other’s company.

Simon is an excellent teacher, he gives practical support when needed but respectively leaves you to work alone too, as the work can be an emotional one-to-one process and contemplation is required. Each element, the wood the beater the string you use has deep meaning and working with them connects you to them, from heartbeat to drumbeat, you learn to be one through this beautiful process.

During the birthing of my drum I realised that the Spirit of Horse was as important as the spirit of my drum. I was guided with precision, love and care during the process of my drum coming to be in this world. With such loving kindness it enabled me to melt into and join the spirits as they came to life, merging into one. A wonderful experience.

I treat my drum with uppermost respect, take it with me on special occasions and use it for certain ceremonies that require the movement of the herd to join with the heartbeat of the drum. I joyfully recommend this course, you do not just leave with a drum, you leave with a close ally, a friend and companion to work alongside.

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