The Sacred Trust Three Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training

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Please note this training is held in NORWAY. For the UK training, please visit

Shamanic traditions are nearly as old as human consciousness, stretching back thousands of years before the earliest recorded civilisations. The shaman’s practice has always been vital and has adapted itself to all the world’s cultures. Today the role of the shaman takes many forms – healer, ceremonialist, sacred counsellor and artist, to name just a few. This three-year training is designed for people who wish to train in the shamanic healing arts and become skilled shamanic practitioners, technicians of the sacred and specialists in the human soul. It is made up of nine five-day components over three years, with supervised work in between.

Each component is essential for progression as students move towards the goal of becoming practitioners of the shamanic healing arts. The training is intense as well as challenging and includes the following bodies of work, as well as ceremonies, initiations, pilgrimage and ongoing supervised homework:

Shamanic Integrative Therapy

A series of vital tools which enable the shamanic practitioner to act as sacred counsellor, trained in the ability to track sources of a client’s problems as well as reviewing their lifestyle. Addressing problems on such a deep level typically encourages deeper healing.

Shamanic Soul Medicine

Detailed study of the principles around illness from a shamanic perspective and exploration into the subject of disease. Includes a thorough training in the primary cross-cultural tools of the shaman, namely Soul Retrieval and Extraction medicine as well as tools to guide the suffering through sickness and death.

True Dreaming

The shaman understands the location of some key healing work is found in the state of True Dreaming – between waking, sleeping and ordinary dreaming. In Europe, this discipline reached excellence in the Greek Mystery Schools with ‘dream temple incubation methods’, a shamanic body of work. This, together with little-known oneiric practices will be taught and experienced.

Healing Circles

Acknowledge and celebrate the community aspect of healing, involving the client receiving healing from an octet of eight spirit allies and their human partners. Advanced techniques of merging with Ancestral Kin and becoming a mouthpiece of the gods will be taught and experienced.

Heart-centred Depossession, Curse Unravelling and Spirit Release Work

These are advanced spiritual techniques used to assist the releasing of lost and troubled spirits from environments and individuals, which can include ancestral negative patterns and traumas passed through generations among families. We shall also teach curse unwinding and defusing, hex aversion and obsession dissolving, as well as examining the concepts of intentional and unintentional acts of sorcery.

Shamanic Land Work and more

Working with spirits of Land, spirits of Place and spirits that have chosen to stay in the Middle World. The application of drums and rattles as tools within shamanic healing. Movement and trance. Empowering shamanic tools and working with altars, masks and costumes.

We strip shamanic work down to its core, incorporating material and methods often not presented elsewhere. It is here we operate and train as healer, ceremonialist, spiritual guide and artist, using trance and ecstasy to master unseen forces of nature and take communion with sources of power. This gives a rich and highly experiential induction into the life-way of the shaman enabling students to be of great assistance to other people.

Successful completion of this training will allow students to be considered for registration with The Sacred Trust as shamanic practitioners and to receive referrals from prospective clients in their area.

This training was created by the Founder/Director of The Sacred Trust, Simon Buxton. It is taught by Simon Chamberlain who may be assisted by other skilled practitioners who are graduates of the training and work with clients in private practice. The training is held in English and is due to begin in the summer of 2022.

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